Our Technology

PsycAImore utilizes deep learning technology to generate limitless customized content for your end users. 

Customized Infrastructure

PsycAImore offers Content as a Service (CaaS) infrastructure that boosts digital marketing productivity while adding additional revenue streams for content access and usage. 

PsycAImore’s platform creates customized artificial intelligence solutions for any digital media portfolio. Based on the queries of the user, The AI application instantly retrieves relevant topics and their exact location within podcasts, videos, documents, articles, or any digital media.

PsycAImore develops and deploys cloud-based infrastructure catered to your application needs. PsycAImore provides all inclusive API management services such as load balancing, usage monitoring, and secure access.  


PsycAImore Technology

AI Chatbots

PsycAImore Chatbots exhibit a persona to foster community between your company and your customer via automated, individualized dialogue. This chatbot learns from all content to answer never before seen questions.

AI Marketing: Topic Extraction

PsycAImore AI goes a step further with targeted marketing to automate content creation, saving you time, money, and staffing budget. Through Topic Extraction AI, your content will be reorganized and trimmed into hundreds of products grouped by topic. You can further use the AI to connect and post to trending topics on social media and forums.

AI Outreach & Evangelism

Through the use of  PsycAImore AI, you can generate limitless trending content to spread the Gospel in a custom-fitted, modern way. PsycAImore AI has the capability to auto-deploy thousands of unique videos based on trending topics, geo-location, or target markets. 

Content as a Service (CaaS) API

CaaS is a service model which focuses on managing structured content into feeds that other applications and properties can consume. In other words PscyAImore creates an AI tool that can be used by multipe platforms. Once your infrastructure is created and deployed, your CaaS API can be utilized by your consumers to access your content in a hyper-specific way. Through usage monitoring and secure access, PsycAImore gives you the insights you need to price your consumer’s usage.

Content Security

PsycAImore will design and deploy specific security measures to protect your proprietary media through the latest in API security management. These security measures safeguard against malicious threats and keep your media from unwarranted replication and distribution.


Ongoing Infrastructure Management

PsycAImore will continue to manage your company’s Content as a Service (CaaS) API. This service includes ongoing upgrades and maintenance of your CaaS cloud infrastructure and security based on the latest best-in-practice procedures.